The mission will be accomplished by identifying Community Heroes and allowing them to provide scholarships for teens and adults that request a second chance from Referral-Partners, our public safety operators.  Sponsors, contractors, and grants may support sustainable and strategic programming to ultimately give second chance opportunities to more at-risk populations, including foster teens and aged-out teens from the foster care system.

Educational Perspective

The Law-Literacy curriculum’s goal is to teach, “The Top 100 Most Repeatedly Broken Laws in America” online, with applied leadership activities. Earning the Law-Literacy Certificate of Achievement provides the Referral Partner with sufficient evidence to justify freedom instead of adjudication or incarceration. For many violators, learning and applying laws will result in better personal decisions and behaviors.
Law-Literacy graduates will use this educational opportunity to update resumes for reintroducing themselves to judicial and law enforcement officials, principals, and employers. This certificate becomes evidence for Referral Partners to document cases with more than 100 public safety and health hours. This certificate may help justify the expungement of criminal records or enable people to remain in school or on the job. This solution provides Referral Partners with a second chance alternative to award a Law-Literacy Scholarship from Community Heroes instead of losing freedom.

Service One

To the extent that written law helps with shaping society and provides a policy that everyone must adhere to, literacy is vital when dealing with the legal system. The formation of laws, how they are decided, and the process of implementation must be well understood by participants. They will be able to engage within the process, rather than outside of it.

Service Two

Citizens who are often times marginalized and underprivileged can identify injustices and recognize challenges. They can also articulate legal ideals, which can lead to incarceration being the exception, rather than the rule.

Service Three

Organizations at all levels of society, whether community-based, faith-based, or judicial should engage in education that can potentially increase law literacy levels

Legal awareness is pertinent for the overall growth and development of citizens in this country. Without literacy, citizens can become intimidated, and people can find themselves alienated from the law which can result in systemic ignorance and lead to poor moral choices.


Students of the Law Literacy Scholarship program, will have access to online classes similar to those attending many of the nations College Campuses Online education system.

  • The Law-Literacy Project allows pre-release and post-release adults, as well as juveniles who find themselves entangled in the criminal justice system to participate in an alternative setting. This program will allow those engaged to accept personal responsibility and become accountable for their actions leading up to their incarceration and the ensuing consequences.
  • The Law-Literacy Project will assist incarcerated and formerly incarcerated citizens with recognizing their inappropriate and unlawful choices. The program will further assist individuals with building resiliency against recidivism as they prepare for reintegration into their communities. Further, the program will encourage individuals to develop an understanding of the larger systemic forces that potentially influence their choices from the outset. The goal is for the participants to become change agents, prison pipeline prevention influencers, and leaders for the disenfranchised community. Participation will ensure that those individuals become an asset rather than a liability.
  • Certificates of achievement instill greater confidence from stakeholders, i.e., judiciary, family members, faith and community-based partners, employers, and schools, which impacts expungement opportunities.

The National Public Safety and Health Campaign over three years..

Looking over the graph here, you will see how drastically taxpayers will save, as many individuals are provided the opportunity to becoming ‘change agents’ in their respective communities versus the rising costs of incarceration thus fueling the cycle of crime.

The ‘Law Literacy’ Program isn’t a ‘bandaid’ solution but one that will create the necessary resource for those who will benefit the most out of it.

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Dear College Campuses....

Did you know that if you have students who broke a low level law, faced expulsion from your campus, you now have the ability to offer these students the opportunity to qualify as Law Literacy scholarship recipients?

Upon successful completion of the 6-month course coupled with due diligence leading to having their record potentially expunged, the student if they agree to abide by the policies and guidelines provided by the campus can resume their studies hopefully with any credits previously earned intact.  

The Law Literacy Program while based in North Carolina, is also focused on extending to as many areas across the United States with various organizations, government bodies and the like wishing to become ‘Law Literacy Licensees.’

Literally, thousands of qualified recipients waiting for their scholarships in North Carolina alone with no doubt just as many . It cannot be reiterated enough that while having these licensees in place, it’s paramount to fund as many scholarships as possible FIRST. With a minimum of 2500 scholarships needed and getting recipients started in their journey to change we welcome all sponsors from across the country to help us provide the resource to those who are ready to be the change they want to see in their lives.

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