Law Literacy

A faith based community second chance scholarship program!

An introduction...

The Law Literacy Program is a community, faith-based 6-month scholarship program used by its Referral Partners that including:  Judges, Law Enforcement Officials, Principals, School Resource Officers, and Foster Care System representatives.

It is NOT a ‘get out of jail free’ pass but gives the recipient of a Law Literacy Scholarship recipient the incentive to break the proverbial chains that keep them walking through the doors of the justice system. It’s more than just learning about the law, recognizing where and how past decisions negatively affected their lives thus becoming change agents and productive members of society. READ MORE


America's #1 alternative to incarceration is NBAN's National Business Alliance Network Law Literacy "Second Chance" program, a certified and highly endorsed program (for lack of a better term) that teaches pre and post-incarceration individuals the 100 Top Most Broken Laws in America. Law Literacy enables them to avoid the possibility of entering into or going back into the penal system.

A few benefits of the Law Literacy program are:

Deviyoun Williams: First Law Literacy Graduate

Deviyoun Williams was he first graduate from the Law Literacy Program of 100 Most Repeatedly Broken Laws in America. He is a member of Davidson County’s inaugural class. With diligence and dedication over the last six months, he earned his completion certificate.

Robby Rummage, Lexington chief of police, was active with Williams in this program and stated, “Deviyoun put in a lot of work.” Rummage was personally vested in Williams’ success communicating regularly with him via email and visiting him at home where he met his family, including his aunt, grandmother and father, who were present at the ceremony. Rummage believes education about the law will help young people make informed and right decisions when confronted with challenges that often expose them to the wrong options. This program “is a good partnership between the police and school system that helps young people make good decisions by educating them around the law,” Rummage reiterated.


“I was like many young people who went down the wrong path but if everybody had someone like the Law Literacy group that I had there, including the teachers their lives could have been turned around or changed in some type of way.” - Deviyoun Williams


When an individual has been qualified to become a Law Literacy recipient, they are referred to NBAN who in return reserves a scholarship 

A single $399 scholarship pays for case management services for the participant from either age group.  The scholarship includes a Law-literacy curriculum that teaches the Top 100 Most Repeatedly Broken Laws in America.  The added value resulting from a Referral Partner’s granting a second chance opportunity to earn a certificate for families and law enforcement officials to document that the referral paused to learn laws, regardless of reading aptitude.  The earned certificate will be added to each participant’s resume, to instill confidence and discipline to make better decisions to deter from criminal behaviors.  Public Safety Officials will gain measurable documents to justify using this Community Program over detention or incarceration for children of the foster care system.

In one North Carolina county alone, already 10,000 individuals have qualified to participate in the program: 

 **NBAN currently requires at least 2500 – 5000 sponsored scholarships to help ease the growing number of individuals facing jail/prison time

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